AboutWe Increase Indian Language Footprint

Saving Endangered Indian languages

With a keen focus on Saving Endangered
Indian languages and increasing the usage of the Mother Language.

Cheers2Bhasha is all about celebrating Indian language diversity. to increase
the Indian language footprint through creating spaces for teaching and Learning, documenting and sharing stories, translating, adopting endangered languages and creating a powerful community of Indian Language speakers.



Connecting India through Bhasha

Our Mission is to connect India through bhasha and increase the Indian language footprint by creating a community of Indian Language Speakers who

  • Know to speak their Mother Tongue
  • Document the Intangible Cultural Heritage and save the languages from dying
  • Save the Indian Endangered Languages
  • Learn the local languages for professional growth and personal requirement

Hub of Indian languages

Be the hub of Indian languages who creates the values of Indian Language Diversity for future society through creative challenges, innovation and community involvement